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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Where to find KT tape in Dubai? or Abu Dhabi?

  An athlete wearing a lot of kinesiology tape. When we started this website, people would keep on asking us where to find KT tape in Dubai. Or the kinesio tape in Abu Dhabi. Or what’s the price of kinesiology tape in Dubai. Well, simply put, we have it here! While the convenience of buying kinesiology tape from your local hypermarket or pharmacy is well appreciated, do you know the difference between your kinesiology tape and our ProGuard Kinesiology tape? The majority of Read More...

Product Naming – Different naming conventions for products

Did you know that the exact same bandage has 5-6 names throughout different markets? Most of which have no bearing to one other? For example, cohesive bandage otherwise known as self adhering bandage usually refers to this. Great for light compression, without the need for clips or tape or glue. Comes in different colors, hand tearable and quick to apply. Some people call this a conforming bandage which is technically incorrect since that refers to a bandage meant for wounds. Read More...

First Post

Finally! Here we are! It’s taken a lot of hard work to get this website up and running, from the lighbox photography to get our images rather than using stock images, and the design and a myriad of a hundred other things. Over the next few days I hope to show everyone what goes into choosing the right product for your needs, whether its taping for a rugby game or just choosing the right first aid kit for your home. Read More...