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Monthly Archives: February 2017

First Aid Kit in Dubai – Contents, Boxes and Regulations

Building your first aid kit in Dubai isn’t as easy as putting a few bandages in a box and calling it a day anymore. Depending upon whether you’re in an office or home environment, where you’re located, and under what area you want the the first aid kit to be placed can affect its contents. As one of the major first aid box supplies in UAE, we’ve given a breakdown of the first aid regulations and items needed. For example, Read More...

First Aid Certification in UAE – Which one do you need? Who do you choose?

While a number of our clients do contact us for their custom first aid box or kit needs, they still need the proper emergency response training in order to fully make the best use of their equipment. However what kind of training will you need? And how can you choose the right provider? The majority of our clients need sports based first aid training to quickly ascertain whether a player is severely injured enough to warrant more serious diagnosis and Read More...

New Product- Hot Cold Gel Pack/ Hot Cold Compress

Adding new products to our range is great for our customers. Recently, we had an email asking for hot cold gel packs. While some are found in pharmacies and even supermarkets, they don’t carry the full range such as those with Velcro straps or cold compress. Cold compress packs are especially difficult to find in Dubai or other cities in the UAE. It didn’t take too long and here we’ve got it. They’re a welcome alternative to ice packs (which Read More...