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Kinesiology Tape

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Kinesiology tape is a kind of hypoallergenic tape that reduces stress on muscles by lifting the skin above the muscles being exerted.

We exclusively offer ProGuard’s Kinesiology tape for sale in 5cm X 5M rolls. This size is sufficient for the majority of any kinesio taping needs that people may have.

This product is made primarily of cotton, rayon and elastic fibers that offer a two-way stretch to mimic the muscle ligature. The cotton allows the tape to be breathable which prevents sweat from accumulating under the tape and decreasing adhesive strength. The rayon increases the rigidity of the tape as well as allows for the adhesive glue to stay on the skin for a longer time frame.

We offer this tape in blue, black, green, tan and pink. Yellow coming soon.

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Black, Tan, Pink, Blue, Orange