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In this blog post, we’ll talk about how a CPR practice valve is used. Earlier, we talked a bit about choosing the right kind of first aid certification within UAE. Since many of our clients also practice emergency first aid on and off the sports field, they also tend to train others in sports first aid.

These are some of the products which they tend to use on a regular basis during training sessions. One of the most important parts of any first aid kit is a CPR mask. Since using one is paramount in many first aid situations, proper training is essential.

Most CPR training sessions involve a manikin for CPR practice and CPR masks. However since the valve in CPR masks is meant for use in actual CPR scenarios, practitioners tend to use a replacement practice valve. These valves serve a dual purpose.

  1. They are bigger than the actual valve in “real” CPR masks and are colorful to make it easier for people to blow into.
  2. They’re cheaper, reusable and replaceable than the actual valves.

CPR Mask on Mannequin

While the practice valves can be used in real CPR situations, they’re not recommended since the one way filter in this valve isn’t as functional as those in the actual valves.

Some practitioners prefers to also use a face mask during this time in order to demonstrate the proper way to perform resuscitation in circumstances where infection or biohazards are a possibility.

Here at GulfPhysio, we carry ProGuard branded practice valves in a variety of colors including our best selling blue, red and green. See some of our images below. Click here to buy our CPR training or practice valves.

CPR Valves in Green


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