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Why does taping benefit athletes? The ankle is a multi-directional joint that is prone to overuse injuries and movement that is beyond its limit (eg, ankle sprain, tendonitis (inflammation of the tendon). It is also one of the most working joints of the body while performing physical sports, it also bears the body’s weight while running and jumping. with that being said we need to immobilize or lessen the unwanted movement or play of the ankle joint while doing physical activities.

Taping is a method to provide support to the ankle joint while providing movement to still be at your best when doing the activities that you love to do.

There are different kinds of tape and that will vary to the goals you want to achieve, for pain management, for immobilization or support. etc.

Taping also gives relief to some athletes who suffer from overuse injuries and or ankle sprain, but remember that we still need to get the approval of our physician so we cannot incur further damage to our body.

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