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Product Naming – Different naming conventions for products

Did you know that the exact same bandage has 5-6 names throughout different markets? Most of which have no bearing to one other?

For example, cohesive bandage otherwise known as self adhering bandage usually refers to this. Great for light compression, without the need for clips or tape or glue. Comes in different colors, hand tearable and quick to apply.

Some people call this a conforming bandage which is technically incorrect since that refers to a bandage meant for wounds. While the self adhering/conforming bandage technically does conform to the skin, it’s not meant to be directly used on wounds.


A picture of a conforming bandage. This one can be used on wounds, can do light compression since it’s elastic as well but needs clips, tape or glue to keep it in place.

Anyway, barring the many differing names for the same items, this website should give you an idea of how to select the right bandage for your needs.  The next few posts over the weeks will show you how to choose the right bandages for your needs.

Product Naming- How more than 1 name exists for a product
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Product Naming- How more than 1 name exists for a product
Why having more than 1 name for a product can cause confusion. A number of products tend to have incorrect names which tend to be perpetuated by TV shows.
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