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Finding a massage table isn’t easy with the choices in the market. What accessories do you need? What would be better – aluminum legs or wooden legs? Portable or standard? In Dubai, we are spoilt with a variety of options for almost anything, but why do we have to settle for a massage table? Here, we’ll help you choose the right massage table for your needs.

What is a massage table?

Massage tables are crucial for healthcare professionals like massage therapists and chiropractors to provide effective and comfortable therapeutic services. They position clients for massages and are designed for client comfort and ergonomics. A typical table features a padded surface, easy cleaning, and a face cradle for easy breathing while lying face down.

Why do you need a massage table?

A good massage table is a must for any physiotherapist. The majority of our clients tend to go for portable massage tables. Sports therapists need to be able to treat patients on and off the field. Hence a portable massage table would be ideal to aid in quick recovery for athletes between breaks or timeouts.

What kind of massage table should you choose?

Portable massage tables come in a variety of options. You can get wooden legs which tend to be sufficient for most athletes however we recommend aluminum legs. Wooden legs tend to bow and splinter after repeated use. Additionally, massage tables come in a variety of padding levels. The more padding, the more comfortable the experience for a patient but that also adds to the bulkiness whenever you’re folding the table back up. Finally, you can get extra features such as armrests and neck rests which allow for greater mobility on the massage table. Certain low-range portable massage beds come with minimum padding.

Where do I get a massage table?

Take a look at our portable massage table here. The ProGuard MT101 is our best-selling massage table. It comes with a headrest and armrests as standard. Additionally, this massage table comes with aluminum legs that do not splint or break over time and have a higher load-bearing capacity. The ProGuard MT101 has an adjustable height from 56 to 76 cm and a load-bearing capacity of 150 kg. Finally, the MT101 comes with 4 inches of padding which has been well appreciated by the athletes at Dubai Hurricanes and countless other massage therapists around the UAE.

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