CPR Mask

AED 20.00


  • Suitable for adults.
  • Comes in a hard case with a wrist strap.
  • consists of a CPR Mask with a pair of of vinyl gloves and alcohol prep pads each.
  • Latex-free construction, BVM compatibility and Oxygen barbs.

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A CPR Mask forms an essential part of any first responder’s first aid and emergency response kit. The pack that we have available contains one CPR mask with a one-way valve. This protects the operator and allows air to flow into the body of the patient through their mouth. The tool provides for a barrier between the rescuer and the patient. As a result, it helps prevent the transfer of saliva and other bodily fluids while administering CPR. In addition, these masks have Contours and soft edges enabling them to mold to the patient’s face easily.

This kit containing CPR Mask comes with a pair of vinyl gloves and alcohol prep pads each for quick disinfection as required. The mask along with the accessories comes in a hard PP kit with a wrist strap. The mask has a latex-free construction, a clear transparent face piece, allowing visibility towards the victim’s face. It also comes with BVM compatibility.

In order to understand how to build your own first aid kit, check out our blog post here. To learn about Dubai Municipality Regulations one needs to keep in mind, in case of first aid kits, click here.

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