Eye Wash Station 2x500ml


Introducing our sterile eye wash station, equipped with two bottles of soothing sodium chloride solution for prompt eye irrigation. Ensuring optimal safety, the station also features a conveniently placed mirror for self-assessment. Included are two rolls of soft eye pads, providing comfort and protection. This compact and efficient setup is designed to swiftly address eye-related emergencies, promoting a secure and immediate response within a confined space. Safety and simplicity converge in this essential eye care station, offering peace of mind in any environment.


Sterile Eye Wash Station, meticulously designed to provide swift and effective relief in case of emergency eye irritation. This comprehensive eye care unit is equipped with two bottles of sterile sodium chloride solution, ensuring a gentle and soothing cleansing experience. The sodium chloride solution is medically proven to be safe for use in emergencies, effectively flushing out contaminants and irritants from the eyes.

For added convenience and safety, our eye wash station is also furnished with a strategically placed mirror. This mirror serves a dual purpose, allowing users to easily assess the condition of their eyes while utilizing the eye wash station. The reflective surface ensures that the user can confidently administer the eye wash with precision, promoting a seamless and efficient eye care process.

In addition to the sodium chloride bottles and mirror, the eye wash station comes complete with two rolls of eye pads. These eye pads are designed to gently cover and protect the eyes after the eyewash procedure, preventing further exposure to external elements and promoting a comfortable recovery.

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