Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer

AED 1,860.00


  • Maximum Output Indicator
  • Reset Knob
  • Indicator Needle
  • Zero Adjustment Pin
  • 5 Level Adjustment
  • Handle Clamp

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The Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer measures isometric force and gives accurate grip strength readings. It helps measure peak strength with the assistance of an adjustable handle. This adjustable handle has five grip positions which easily accommodate any hand size. The functioning of the dynamometer is so smooth that the subject does not feel the handle move.

The Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer aids in tracking strength and rehabilitation over time. As a result, it is ideal for physiotherapy programs. Additionally, it is also suitable for regular assessment of grip strength. The practice is extremely helpful in evaluating all kinds of hand trauma or dysfunction.

Instructions for using the Dynamometer:

Place your arm at right angles with the elbow by the side of the body. Hold the dynamometer in the hand that you want to test. As per requirement, adjust the handle of the dynamometer. Make sure that the base rests on the heel of your palm. At the same time, let the handle rest on the middle of your four fingers. Squeeze the handle with maximum effort for at least 5 seconds. Do not move any other part of the body while doing this.

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