Ideal Plus Tilt Table



  • Has the standard patient table and straps on all tilt table models
  • Equipped with a quick-release mechanism
  • Provided with a tilt angle indicator
  • Used with patient hoist access
  • Outfitted with a hand switch for the dual monitors
  • Is available in 3 models: 
    • Model 1 – Tilt Table (With Patient Strap)
    • Model 2 – 2 Section Tilt Table
    • Model 3 – Split Leg Tilt Table


Looking for a new tilt table for your in-house tilt table test? Look no further than right here for your physiotherapy-supply need. The new range of Ideal Plus Tilt Tables is the one for you and your practice! 

These utilise a dual-monitor system, helping you adjust the amount of height and tilt with no hassle. Their stability comes from the reliable locking castors and a highly solid fitted frame. Whatever model you choose, they’ll all be steady  at all levels. 

Specifications are as follows: 

  • Net weight : 194lb or 88 kg
  • Weight rating : 496lb or 225 kg
  • Length : 77.1 inches or 1960 mm
  • Width : 25.6 inches or 650 mm
  • Height (minimum to maximum) : 31.3 inches or 790 mm – 48.8 inches or 1240 mm
  • Wheel brakes (retractable) : 4 (standard)
  • Lift mechanism : Electric
  • Angles for head tilt : +87 inches to 0 inch


The tilt tables do come in a variety of upholstery colours, with additional patient straps upon request. Other models include the 2 Section and the Split Leg Models. 

The Split Leg Model has a split leg section. This section provides a place for each leg. A medical professional can strap the legs separately. In this way, it gives the patient a better sense of safety and security while they’re strapped on. 

On the other hand, the 2 Section Tilt Table has an additional adjustable backrest feature. It can be used as a general examination couch when placed in a chair-like position. Its versatility has made it a favourite among physiotherapists and other workers in the field.

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