Infusion Stand


  • Telescopic tube made from non-magnetic stainless Steel material.
  • 5 leg base
  • 6” diameter base
  • 3” scuff-resistant casters
  • Secure locking system for height adjustment
  • Height adjustment from 1200 mm to 2070 mm
  • 4 safety hooks


An infusion stand (a.k.a IV Pole), is a medical device used to support intravenous fluid bags, medication containers, and other medical equipment during patient treatment. It is made of lightweight, durable materials like aluminum or stainless steel and features adjustable height settings for patient comfort. The stand also has multiple hooks or hangers on the central pole, allowing for the simultaneous hanging of various bags or containers. Some models also include accessory attachments like clamp-on baskets, trays, and hooks for efficient storage of medical supplies.

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