Mambo Max AB Peanut Ball

AED 167.00

Mambo Max AB Peanut Ball offers more predictable therapy or physical training as it can only roll in one direction. This is certainly a great benefit for children, the elderly, or people who have suffered an injury. In addition, the Mambo Max AB Peanut ball is very popular among pregnant women and is a product very useful during childbirth exercises.


With the Mambo Max Anti-Burst Peanut Ball, you no longer have to worry about the ball bursting.

This ball is made of anti-burst material and can handle tough chewers with ease.

The Mambo Max AB Peanut Ball is a great way to work on lateral stability, muscle control, and balance.

Offers additional lateral stability due to its peanut shape.

Made of soft PVC, allowing your pet’s claws not to get caught during play…making this ball safe and perfect for everyday use.

The Mambo Max AB Peanut Ball is the perfect ball for users who need a bit of a challenge, but yet still feel safe and confident using it.

This ball has a spongier texture and a slightly smaller hole than the other balls in this series.

It is a great choice for users with a limited range of motion who are at the beginning stages of upper limb strength training.

Mambo Max AB Ball is a piece of training equipment that helps pregnant women or elderly people train or do exercises, which is not only fun but also effective.

The unique training process has been tried and tested many times, and it will definitely provide you with a reasonable exercise plan.

Perfect for rehabilitation therapy use, the Mambo MAX AB Peanut Ball has a lightweight and durable design that makes it easy to throw around.

The ball is covered in polyurethane foam which offers both comfort and an excellent grip.

Ideal for throwing and catching, this ball features built-in weighted nodes that make it easier to master your catching skills.

This ball is a great addition to your training routine.

The Mambo Max Peanut Ball is designed to improve your balance and coordination.

It’s fun, easy to use, and can be used as an isolation tool for strengthening your leg muscles as well!

You can try also this for your everyday exercise routine this Mambo Max Body Twister.

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