MoVeS Loop

AED 75.00


  • High quality, cost-effective, and easy to use!
  • Lay-flat-length: 30cm
  • Width: 2,5cm
  • One polybag contains 10 loose pcs


The new MoVeS Loop Set really is a “Gym on-the-go”. Easily carry all four loops in your bag to work, the gym, or on vacation. The loops can be combined into long and short lengths and used as resistance bands, tubes, and cables. They are very effective instruments for stretching and strengthening all muscle groups. And they can be used anywhere you go!

A new loop has been added to the MOVES collection. The black loop is the heaviest resistance, while Tan becomes the lightest resistance. This means that you can choose your own level of difficulty, whether it’s running or fitness training.

Our new loop set combines our most popular colors in a compact mesh bag. Whether you are looking for something basic or want to add a pop of color, this affordable set is very useful to bring along wherever you go.

Our Loop belts are multi-layered, which results in a more durable product. It also means that you get a wider range of sizes, so if you’re between two sizes, you can get the belt that fits you best.

These looser, wider loops are the perfect choice for people who like a looser fit. The wider loops won’t roll up during exercising, avoiding uncomfortable feelings from narrower alternatives.

If you want to know more about this loop. You can go directly into it by just clicking read more.

If you have no time to go to the gym, you can already use this product even inside your home. You can also try this MoVeS Wide Loop for a better experience.

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