MoVeS Shoulder Tube Pulley

MoVeS Shoulder Tube Pulley will help you recover from injuries like a frozen shoulder, shoulder bursitis or injured rotator cuff by gradually strengthening the shoulder joint and increasing your range of motion. You can also use it to strengthen your shoulder and reduce the risk of future injuries. It is essentially a rope terminated with handles and equipped with a small pulley system. There is also a stopper end. You can easily hang this device over a door at home (using the stopper end) and carry out a wide range of shoulder pulley exercises with it.

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The MoVeS Shoulder Tube Pulley is a great way to increase the range of motion in the shoulders, arms, and upper back.

This device uses resistance tubes and a handle for resistance or you can use it without tubing and just use the straps. It’s perfect for people who work out with bands but want something lighter, more portable, and easier to travel with.

Use the MoVeS Shoulder Tube Pulley for the prevention and rehabilitation of shoulder injuries.

The patented pulley system allows you to strengthen and stretch your rotator cuff muscles, building muscle endurance and increasing the total range of motion.

The MoVeS Shoulder Tube Pulley is an effective training tool for developing strength, flexibility, and range of motion in the rotator cuff muscle group.

The MoVeS Shoulder Tube Pulley is designed to help you get into your shoulder workout routine by providing a simple way to take your range of motion training to the next level! The pulley attaches easily to any door and can be used with light, medium, or heavy tubes.

The MoVeS Shoulder Tube Pulley is an easy and effective way to gain upper body strength.

Each pack contains 3 tubes, 3 soft handles, a door anchor, and a pulley system. One tube can be used to target your deltoid and biceps, while the other targets your pectoral muscles. It’s lightweight, simple to use, and takes up very little space in the home gym.

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