TearLight (Light Elastic Adhesive Bandage) Tape

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Tearlight Tape is a form of light elastic adhesive bandage. It’s a cross between EAB(Elastic Adhesive Bandage such as our Super EAB) and Cohesive Bandage(Also known as Self Adhering Bandages). Its hand tearable, unlike the EAB, and has more “grip” than a cohesive bandage, due to the stronger adhesive used, rather than the self-adhesive glue used in cohesive bandages.

We exclusively carry Tear Light by Mueller which is a leader in sports medicine. We sell it by the carton where the 2″ tearlight bandages come 24 per box and the 3″ wide tearlight bandages come in boxes of 16.



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2" (5 cms wide), 3" (7.5 cms wide)

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