Power-Web Junior

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Power-Web Junior is use in hand therapy for flexion, extension, opposition, and other exercises. Can be utilized for hard-to-imitate joint actions such as forearm pronation and supination, finger extension, thumb opposition, and more. Help develop strength, dexterity, and range of motion.


Power-Web Junior is ideal for hand exercisers who are looking for a stronger grip and forearm workout.

The Power-Web Junior has the same as the senior and the combo, the only difference in between is that this one is smaller than theirs.

Every set contains two lower pully exercisers (one right and one left side), two middle pully exercisers(one right and one left side), and two top pully exercisers (one right and one left side).

The Power-Web Junior is a lightweight, durable-sided resistive hand exerciser that can be used by people with arthritis or simply on a daily basis for good hand/wrist health.

While it exercises the fingers and hands, it also strengthens the wrists and arms, builds finger and thumb strength, improves hand coordination, and increases grip strength.

The Power-Web Junior hand exerciser is a smaller version of the original Power-web.

The Junior is just half the size and ideal for children and teens who need to build upper body strength for school sports, piano practice, and more.

Made from durable plastic, it features a textured grip and comes with exercise instructions.

The Power-Web Junior has all the same features as our larger product and delivers many of the same benefits when used in a hand and wrist exercise program. It is an all-purpose hand exerciser that can be used to improve fine motor control, coordination, strength, speed, and endurance.

Use the Power-Web Junior to develop stronger and better-looking hands by adding fingertip control exercises to your workout routine.

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If you want more and bigger, you can try this Power-Web Combo.

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