PowerStretch Latex Exercise Bands


  • Available in six colors
  • Each color is available in two sizes- 1.5m and 20m
  • Made of Latex.
  • Perfect for muscular rehabilitation and strength training.

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The PowerStretch Latex Exercise Bands commonly come handy in case of muscular rehabilitation and strength training. These exercise bands are suitable to meet both exercise and rehabilitation needs. These bands have a smooth surface, are resilient and durable. As the name itself is suggestive, they are made up of latex which is durable and elastic. They not only have a great feel but are also long-lasting. Our resistance bands are available in six colors and are extremely user-friendly.

The PowerStretch Latex Exercise Bands possess incremental resistance. The resistance is directly proportional to the thickness of the band. We have two thickness sizes available in each colour, that is, 1.5 m and 20 m. These bands are also ideal for recovery and rehabilitation of people who are undergoing physiotherapy. The bands act as a great substitute to weights. Hence, they function by providing an external resistance that your muscles have to work against.

In order to learn about the multiple benefits of using resistance bands during your workout sessions, click here. Alternatively, you can also check out our Latex-free Exercise Bands.

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1.5m, 20m


1.5m, 20m


1.5m, 20m


1.5m, 20m


1.5m, 20m


1.5m, 20m

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