PVC Spiky Massage Ball

4 customer reviews

AED 15.00

  • Works as a great massager
  • Excellent Stimulant
  • Increases Blood Pressure
  • Relieves soreness and pain
  • Comes in a bright red color.
  • It’s small size makes it very portable.


The PVC Spiky Massage Ball is available in a bright red color. The massage ball has a diameter of about 8 cm. It’s small size makes it portable and easily usable. You can use the PVC Spiky Massage Ball to give a quick massage to your tired feet, hands or body. It works as a great nerve stimulator. You can use this massage ball on your acupressure points of your body parts. It helps in relieving stress quickly. It increases blood circulation by massaging your muscles perfectly.

This Spiky Massage Ball is not only non-toxic but also extremely environment friendly. You can carry it around to your office, your home or the gym too. It’s effective in reducing inflammation or any kind of localized pain. The massage ball is perfect for loosening knots and providing deep tissue massage. The soft massage ball alleviates muscle stiffness. The versatility of the massage ball makes it an excellent auxiliary tool.

These massage balls are handy and extremely affordable. It is most suitable for people who are always on the run. It provides a quick fix to all your bodily woes.

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4 reviews for PVC Spiky Massage Ball

  1. Lelah Pelosi

    Country: PL

    Very good massage ball.
    The material is good and hard.

  2. Windy Milnes

    Country: RU

    A great hard plastic ball. If the feet get tired in a day, massage them with a ball before bedtime. Love this effect of pleasant relaxation!

  3. Vladimiro De Angelo

    Country: RU

    Great thing!

  4. Takako Ream

    Country: RU

    Item received. Thanks to the seller. Everything came quickly

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