Sissel Heat Wave


Sissel Heat Wave provides a long lasting heat that is perfect for your everyday aches and pains. Handy, safe, and reliable – use even while travelling.


Say goodbye to everyday aches and pains with Sissel Heat Wave! This no-fill electric hot water bottle with removable charging cable provides long-lasting, blissful warmth for several hours (depending on application) through its ultra soft velour cover. It is safe because it features a 3 layer leakage protection system and smart automatic switch-off when it reaches its operating temperature. The cover is made of soft velor, for the perfect cuddling factor. Handy, safe, reliable and versatile – use even while travelling.

Product Features:

1. No need to use hot water, no need for dangerous refilling
2. Convenient and easy to use: plug in, disconnect, go
3. Stays warm up to 2 hours, under covers up to 6 hours
4. Easy to reheat after the product cooled down
5. Generously sized
6. Reusable, environmentally friendly
7 At the fi rst applications, a temporary characteristic odor might occur. If desired, air the product before use.

How to Use:

1. Place the Sissel Heat Wave on a smooth and even surface
2. Swipe protective cap left or right to expose charging port
3. First insert the charger into the charging port. Then insert charger into an electric outlet (220 Volt).
4. Always unplug charger when desired temperature is reached.
5. Remove charger according to illustration. No tearing or pulling of charger.
6. Move the cap (protection cap) to its original position

Care Instructions:

1. Only perform surface cleaning and avoid contact with the plug of the charging port.
2. Do not wash in a washing machine or by fully immersing in water. Make sure that the Sissel Heat Wave is unplugged prior to cleaning. Do not clean the product before it has cooled to room temperature.
3. Clean the Sissel Heat Wave with a damp wash cloth and mild soap water. Gently wipe the surface with the damp wash cloth and

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