Sissel Press Balls

AED 54.00


  • Available in four different densities- Soft, Medium, Strong and X-Strong
  • Easy to clean and maintain hygiene
  • Helps in hand rehabilitation
  • Aids in improving mobility


The Sissel Press Balls are available in four different densities. These balls are helpful in the specific training of musculature. As a result, they help improve the mobility of the hand and the forearm. Additionally, the press balls also improve dexterity and increase grip strength. This happens as the Sissel balls are able to work all the muscles present in the hands and fingers of the user.

The Sissel Press Balls are especially suitable for finger therapy. These are also solid foam balls which are also appropriate for hand rehabilitation. These balls are easy to clean, sterilize and keep in a hygienic condition for usage. The four densities are soft, medium, strong and extra strong. Each of these correspond to four different colors.

Instructions for Usage:

All you have to do is hold the Press ball in your palms and cup it. Press on the ball with as much strength as you’d like. The greater the strength you apply, the more you will be able to work your thumbs, your fingers and your arms. The usage of Press Balls is also helpful during stroke therapy.

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Pink- Soft, Blue- Medium, Green- Strong, Orange- X-Strong