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Hot and Cold Packs are an integral part of any sports first aid kit. They’re perfect for alleviating soreness, reducing inflammation and aiding with sprains and aches. These Hot Cold Packs are great since they maintain flexibility even when frozen, and retain warmth and coolness for up to an hour.

They’re reusable, and even can be placed in microwaves safely for quick heating. These are great for any pitches or sporting events without access to a fridge or a microwave. Alternatively, they can also be heated by placing them in a hot water bath (max temp of 80C) for up to 20 minutes.

The packs are formed with a chemical gel and an outer layer made of nylon and PVC. This allows for easy cleaning.

The sizes available are shown above. Some of the packs come in a cold compress design which refers to individual sections of the pouch filled with gel vs one large gel filled pouch. This has the advantage of offering a more even cooling effect than the regular gel pouches.

Certain sizes include velcro straps, so they would be useful for keeping the pack in place however it is not suitable for active movement. For those that do not have velcro straps, or for those people who need cooling during active movement, please consider using a self adhering/cohesive bandage.

An alternative option to using these packs would be sprays and creams. Check out Deep Freeze Spray, Deep Heat Spray or our range here.
Please review the cautionary warnings on the label of the item and shown below.

►To avoid frostbite or burn, always wrap the pack in a towel prior to each use.
►Cold or hot therapy is generally recommended for treatment no longer than 20 minutes per use.
►When using as treatment of post-surgical trauma, follow the instructions of your medical practitioner.
►If contents are exposed to the skin or eyes, flush with water immediately. If irritation or redness persists, consult a physician.
►Children are to use this product under adult supervision .
►For external use only; contents not intended for ingestion.
►If contents are accidentally ingested, seek immediate medical attention of a physician

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15cm X 15cm With Velcro, 28.5cm X 11.5cm, 30cm X 19cm With Velcro, 30cm X 25 cm With Velcro, 31cm X 17cm, 50cm X 25cm – Cold Compress