Tens Electrodes


  • Name of the Product- Medical Grade Tens Electrode Pads
  • Size- 5cm *5 cm
  • Superior Pre-gelled pads
  • Versatile and appropriate for the human body
  • Effective pain relief
  • Can be used on back, wrists, shoulder, joints, etc.


Tens Electrodes are latex-free and reusable. They are medical grade electrode pads. The Tens Electrodes come with hypo-allergenic gel which is of premium quality. These electrode pads have cleared all sensitivity and cytotoxicity tests. Commonly used in cosmetic and facial packs, these are advanced pre-gelled pads. Not only do they offer excellent viscosity but also good electrical conductivity. They are made up of solid carbon film pads and are corrosion-free. Sized at 5cm * 5cm, a patient can use them multiple times.

The electrode pads have flexible woven material. Hence, they are suitable for the natural contours of the human body. You can use these on the back, the wrists, the hands, the shoulders, the elbows/joints, the calves, the knees etc. The Tens Electrodes are soft and breathable. Thus, they are gentle and are comfortable for usage on the skin. As a result, they are versatile and compatible to the human body. For the same reason, they are used for effective pain relief. The Tens Electrodes are packed in re-saleable plastic bags. This keeps the electrodes sanitary and mitigates air exposure. As a result, they have a long lasting usage. They come in a pack of four in one sheet.

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