Digi-Flex has a progressive color-coded resistance that gives patients positive feedback. Also builds hand and forearm strength.

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Digi-Flex is a unique and innovative training tool for finger strength, flexibility, and coordination.

It works with isolated fingers by flexing them through the whole range of motion and comes with several levels of resistance that are adjustable from easy to advanced.

We have been in the business of manufacturing high-quality wrist splints and braces for decades.

Our goal at Digi-Flex is to provide you with products that will help you restore your freedom, improve your quality of life, and most importantly, regain lost confidence.

The Digi-Flex comes with an exercise leaflet to help you get the most out of your exercises.

The exercise leaflet is a simple step-by-step guide that is easy to follow so that you will see results fast!

The Digi-Flex is used to develop isolated finger strength, flexibility, and coordination. It builds hand and forearm strength.

The Digi-Flex makes it easy to isolate each finger and train specific flexor muscles in your hand.

The durable rubber coating protects fingers against impact and provides for greater lateral stability during intensive training.

Strengthen your fingers, hands, and forearms with varying levels of resistance using the five buttons on this simple device.

Use the individual buttons to exercise the fingers, or compress the entire unit to get a complete hand and forearm strengthening workout.

The kit comes with a detailed illustrated manual, the controller and the structure of the printer are made of metal to ensure the durability of your printer.

It is highly configurable, so you can print objects according to your preference!

You can read more information about this product by directly clicking here.

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