Handmaster Plus


Handmaster Plus has its different use of strong base on color resistances. Each strength (soft, medium, firm) is designed for specific requirements. Strong or weak, old or young, no matter what your activity is, we have the right-hand exercise solution for you.


Handmaster Plus is a unique way to help you regain strength, flexibility, and range of motion in your hands and fingers.

Simply place your hand in the device and squeeze the handles together to experience deep, uniform compression.

Unlike other devices that only compress at one point, Handmaster Plus squeezes evenly across 8 points. This even compression relaxes muscles, helps reorient bone, and increases circulation for optimal healing.

If your patient is just learning to be independent & wants to continue their self-care at home, you want a beginner’s instrument that is easy to use and comfortable.

Handmaster Plus Soft takes a finger, thumb, hand, wrist, and elbow rehabilitation to the next level with new progressions and an updated design.

Handmaster Plus Soft is perfect for patients starting out on their home exercise program who have had surgery or who are too weak to use a more intensive hand exercise device.

Handmaster Plus Medium makes performance training, hand muscle strengthening, and general wellness simple.

Just slip on the custom-sized Handmaster glove to strengthen your grip, develop endurance, improve coordination, and more!

HandMaster Plus is a state-of-the-art device that takes hands getting a workout to the next level, bringing a whole new level of recovery and performance to your sport.

HandMaster Plus focuses on providing mechanical stimulation to an area of the body that is often overlooked in traditional exercise.

The muscles and tendons transfer force through the hand.

Handmaster Plus provides you with the unique ability to activate your hand muscles in a way that no other product can.

The patented spring-loaded mechanism found within Handmaster Plus allows it to provide a unique and highly effective grip exercise experience. You can choose between 2 different models, a medium model or a medium/hard model that provides users with another step beyond Handmaster Plus Medium.

You can read more information about this Handmaster Plus directly into it. Just click here to read more.

As a finger and hand exerciser, you can also try Digi-Flex.

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Color Resistances

Blue-Soft, Red-Medium, OrangeiFirm

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