Intelect Neo


One (1) Set Includes the Following:

– Intelect Neo Base Unit
– Intelect Neo Cart
– Intelect Neo Module Ultrasound
– Applicator, Ultrasound, Neo Int’l, Large (ERA minimum of 5cm2)
– Intelect Neo Module Vacuum
– Intelect Neo Module Stim Channels 1&2
– Intelect Neo Module Stim Channels 3&4



• Intelect Neo Therapy System is the new standard in physical medicine modalities. It build the precise combination for your needs with five slide-in, plug-and-play module options; Channel 1/2 stim, Channel 1/2 stim/ EMG, Channel 3/4 stim, Laser and Ultrasound. Additionally, a vacuum electrode module is available for installation in the therapy cart. Each Neo unit is assembled and shipped specifically according to your customized clinical needs. However, it can also be easily upgraded at a later time through the purchase of additional quick-install modules.
• A completely modular setup allows you to choose among the
components that best fit your practice
• Clinical Protocol Setup (CPS) leads users through the functions of
the device and each therapy
• A comprehensive reference library providing information on therapy,
treatments and pathologies
• Over 200 pre-loaded clinical protocols, fully supported by a complete
library of research references
• Extensive anatomical library that illustrates an array of pathologies
• Treat and monitor multiple patients at the same time
• Full-colour, 10.4” (26.4 cm) LCD touch screen displays in sharp, vivid
• A high speed USB port allows software updates and simple and
efficient transfer of patient information
• Tabletop or optional cart configuration
• Advanced lead wire management system ensures access and
organization around the unit
• Surface EMG and EMG plus stim cart (sEMG module)

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