Mambo Max Fabric Elastic Band


The Mambo Max Fabric Elastic Band consists of 10 consecutive loops. This great toning and workout tool is suitable for early training up to professional athletes.


The Mambo Max Fabric Elastic Band consists of 10 consecutive loops and is made with the highest quality 100% cotton. We believe in putting safety first, and that’s why we’ve designed our elastic bands to be safe for adults and children alike.

Tone and strengthen your muscles with this great workout tool. The elastic resistance band is suitable for strength training, rehabilitation, and sports training. Easy to use, simple to install, and transport.

Mambo Max is elastic tension band with 3 different resistances and 10 consecutive loops. With one of these in your gym bag, you can spice things up whenever and wherever you are!

The Mambo Max Fabric Elastic Band can be used for Pilates, yoga, and other non-impact exercise routines. The band provides added resistance with a range from gentle stretching to intense muscle conditioning depending on the number of loops you choose. This product allows you to easily customize your workout according to your fitness level and goals.

The Mambo Max Fabric Elastic Band is a versatile, durable, and colorful way to secure your items. It can be used as a garment fastener or for bags and handbags to keep everything securely in place.

Mambo Max Fabric Elastic Band makes it easy to strengthen and tone your body without weights. This band can be used for stretching, toning, or even as an alternative for dumbbells as a weight training accessory. It is recommended that you consult with a doctor prior to using it as part of your exercise routine.

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