Manus Comfort Putty



  • Available in five different resistances and colors
  • Useful for rehabilitative exercises
  • Non-toxic, greaseless, hypo-allergenic and latex-free
  • Comes pre-packed.
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The Manus Comfort Putty strengthens weak grasp through exercise. It is used for rehabilitative exercise as well as stress relief. The Manus Putty is odorless and does not stain. As a result, it will not leave any residue on the patient’s hands. The Putties is available in five different resistances. They are Extra Soft, Soft, Medium, Firm and Extra Firm. Each of these correspond to five different colors.

Manus Comfort Putty is non-toxic, greaseless, hypo-allergenic and latex-free. This exercise Putty is a great tool that helps build both strength and dexterity in your hands, fingers and thumbs. You can use this product as a therapy putty. In addition, therapy putty is useful in maintaining hand strength during periods of immobilization in a shoulder sling.

Instructions to perform a simple Putty Hand Grip Exercise

The Putty Hand Grip is a simple exercise which helps improve overall grip strength in your hand. In order to perform the exercise, ball up your putty and hold it in your hand. Squeeze the putty and hold on to the tension for at least three to five seconds. Now release the tension. Relax yourself and your hands for a couple of seconds. Conclusively, you can repeat this entire process for 10 to 15 repetitions.

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Extra Soft- Tan, Soft- Yellow, Medium- Red, Firm- Green, Extra Firm- Blue

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