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Walker Sling is a product that helps the elderly who use walkers, patients with nervous system diseases from falling while walking by reducing weight and gravity. In addition, it helps to correctly straighten out the posture that is twisted from side to side due to hunched posture and hemiplegia.

If your legs are tired or want to rest while walking, you can sit on the spot using the lower part of the suit.


1. It helps to walk comfortably by reducing the weight and gravity applied to the joints when walking.

2. The length of the rope on both sides of the Walker Sling can be freely adjusted to match the user’s body type and
walking pattern.

3. The suit, which is a component of the Walker Sling, is made of good air permeability air-mesh material and a neoprene material that minimizes skin friction when worn.

4. It can be used in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, day care center, nursing homes for the elderly, as well as for personal use.

5. The users can sit and rest when needed by connecting the lower part of the suit to the walker.


1. Stand in front of the device, hold the Adjusting Ropes (middle) in one hand and Main Ropes (connected straps with hook) in other hand.

2. Gently pull forward the Adjusting Ropes from Cleat to move the rope freely and pull the Main Ropes straight down to the desired height.

3. Fix the Adjusting Ropes to the Cleat, so they hang straight down; the ropes will lock when a load is placed on them.

4. Pull the Adjusting Ropes straight down until the straps are at the desired height.

5. The straps will lock when a load is placed on them.


1. Periodically check that the Walker Sling is well fixed to the Support Frame.

2. Periodically check that the ropes in the Walker Sling are in good condition.

3. To avoid damaging the fabric, velcro, webbing, and buckles of the suit, be careful not to apply force or expose it to
sharp objects during use.

4. Do not hang or place weight on only one rope of the Sling System.

5. If the rope doesn’t fix in the cleat of the Walker Sling, stop using the Walker Sling and please contact us.


Store the Walker Sling in a cool and dry place and clean them with a soft dry cloth. The working temperature should be 0 ~ 45 ̊C (32 ~ 113 ̊F). Working in cold/hot environments or highly humid areas will reduce the durability.

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