SAEHAN Mechanical Pinch Gauge


SAEHAN Mechanical Pinch Gauge are used for hand-strength testing by measuring tip, key, and palmar pinch force. Made of durable painted stainless steel. Mechanical properties will not degrade over time. It can serve as a diagnostic tool or for monitoring the progress of rehabilitation.

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The SAEHAN Hydraulic & Mechanical Pinch Gauges are used for testing hand strength by measuring fingertip, key, and palmar pinch force. The hydraulically-driven gauge is capable of producing a maximum range of 130 lbf (570 N). An optional adjustable scale provides a higher range of 180 lbf (800 N). This pinch gauge has been designed so that the user can apply constant manual pressure, unlike many other pinch gauges that are susceptible to the risk of pump failure.

The SAEHAN Mechanical Pinch Gauge is designed to accurately measure tip, key, and palmar strength up to 45 lbs. (20 kg), as well as measure finger spread and finger length.

The gauge can also be used to measure maximum pinch grip strength. This mechanical pinch gauge is made of polished stainless steel for superior appearance, corrosion resistance, durability, and sanitation.

SAEHAN Mechanical Pinch Gauge is designed to measure the force between two contacts of the gauge, providing a reading of the forces applied. The SAEHAN Mechanical Pinch Gauge is used to check the accuracy of a hydraulic pinch gauge or to see if the equipment is functioning at its intended capacity. This pinch gauge is a must-have for any toolbox or workshop. You’ll be able to test everything from hydraulics and mechanical systems to pipe joints and seals, making sure every system is working properly. The SAEHAN Mechanical Pinch Gauge can accurately test the quality and strength of bolts, nuts, and cylinders in seconds so you can be sure your machine is running at its peak performance.

SAEHAN Mechanical Pinch Gauge marks both pounds and kilograms on the dual scale. The ergonomic handle makes easy work of squeezing the gauge into even hard-to-get places like under the hood, making it a must-have tool for all mechanics and hobbyists alike.

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