Ultrasound Gel Large


Our ultrasound gel comes in 5 liter squeeze packs. We also provide a 250ml squeeze bottle for easier handling in clinical settings. This allows for the most cost effective way to providing a conductive gel to medical facilities.

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Ultrasound gel is used to transmit sonic waves for clear viewing on a screen. Ours is superior to others because it has a higher transmissive capacity which allows for clearer pictures. Used for ultrasound therapy, shockwave therapy and other uses. It is the premium gel preferred by physicians and medical technicians across UAE. In addition, this kind of gel is used with ultrasound therapy machines to help with pain and provide faster healing.

Ultrasound Gel

The conductor gel ECOULTRAGEL is particularly studied and recommended for any diagnosis and therapy where the ultrasound transmission is needed. It has perfect acoustic transmission, is completely water soluble and is salt free to avoid any damages to the probe. Furthermore, it is non irritating, non greasy and latex free. Finally a certificate of non cytotoxicity is provided by Italian University Laboratory.

Made in Italy. 5 Liter sizes only. We also provide a empty 250ml squeeze bottle for easier handling.

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