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An athlete wearing a lot of kinesiology tape.

When we started this website, people would keep on asking us where to find KT tape in Dubai. Or the kinesio tape in Abu Dhabi. Or what’s the price of kinesiology tape in Dubai. Well, simply put, we have it here!

While the convenience of buying kinesiology tape from your local hypermarket or pharmacy is well appreciated, do you know the difference between your kinesiology tape and our ProGuard Kinesiology tape?

The majority of kinesiology tapes are made of cotton along with some elastic fibers to add elasticity. The adhesive glue, mostly hot melt or latex glue, is added in a wave pattern on the underside.

There’s nothing wrong with this, but this is not applicable to majority of athletes or the UAE climate. For one, athletes tend to sweat and the sweat tends to loosen the glue holding the cotton based material to the skin. The climate has a similar effect.

Our ProGuard Kinesiology tape consists of a cotton material interlaced with both rayon and elastic fibers. Cotton is usually permeable, which is suitable for a variety of applications but not for glue adherence. This is why the glue would tend to seep out or clog the pores in any natural cotton fabric and would get loosened with any sweat or water involvement.

The rayon fibers, which are made of plant cellulose, provide strength and rigidity to the material. This allows for the adhesive glue to be able to stick to the tape a lot more easily and hence to the skin. This allows for the ProGuard Kinesiology tape to adhere to skin in the toughest athletic conditions.

Finally, we can provide a wide range of kinesiology tape colors to suit your team colors or your outfit. We can offer yellow, orange, black, blue, tan and pink. Try finding that at your local pharmacy!

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Proguard's Kinesiology Tape on

Proguard’s Kinesiology Tape on

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