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The basics of ankle taping and why you need it!

What is Ankle Taping?

Ankle taping is a common practice in athletics to help athletes recover from ligament sprains or prevent further injury. The choice of taping technique or material is often influenced by personal preference, superstition, or anecdote. It is a fixture of both athletic training and sports medicine and is a mainstay in pre-practice and pre-competition routines.

Why should you tape your ankles?

According to the National Library of Medicine, athletic taping offers superior benefits in decelerating inversion velocity and facilitating dynamic neuromuscular protective mechanisms. It addresses complex biomechanical factors responsible for subtalar joint injury and rotary instability of the talocrural joint.

It initially reduces swelling after an injury, provides external stabilization for stretched ligaments, and after rehabilitation, it may be used for extra support to avoid future injuries.

What are the benefits?

Ankle taping is a popular practice for preventing injuries and maintaining stability in athletic activities. It provides support to the ankle joint and ligaments, making them more durable and supportive during quick movements. Post-injury stability is another benefit, especially for recovering ankle ligaments. Additionally, it encourages lymphatic flow, reducing swelling and bruising in injured areas. Overall, ankle taping is a valuable tool for maintaining stability and preventing injuries in 


Disclaimer and all of its content are for informational purposes only. All information is believed to be accurate at the time of posting and should NOT be construed as professional medical advice. Please seek a medical professional in the event of pain or injury.

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