VetBot – 91 Veterinary Surgical Table

  • Electric drive power: 290 W
  • Height adjustment of the bed:240-1130m
  • Table type: Surgical
  • Minimum bed height:240m
  • Frame material: Polymer powder-coated steel
  • Maximum bed height:1130m
  • Countertop material: Stainless steel
  • Holes in the countertop: No
  • Sections: 2
  • Width: 1500m
  • Length: 600m
  • Height: 1130m
  • Minimum height: 240m
  • Maximum height: 1130m
  • Width including roof rails: 600m
  • Tabletop length: 1500m
  • Tabletop width: 600m
  • Tabletop height from the floor: 240-1130mm



Vetbot-91 is a stainless steel veterinary table designed for surgical operations, dressings, and medical and preventive work. It features an electric tray for blood collection and comes assembled for easy transport.

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