VariGrip Sports Pro



  • Soft-touch digits
  • Resistance adjustable per finger
  • Reduced in price
  • Not all fingers are equal


The VariGrip Sports Pro has the ability to adjust tension in each individual finger. The resistance from each single finger knob can easily be adjusted.

By tightening or loosening a single knob, you can provide one finger with greater difficulty, while making another easier. It is designed to help improve flexibility and dexterity of the hand by training muscles.

Also strengthening joints, tendons, and ligaments.

Our exercise tool is a fully adjustable variable resistance exercise band for the arm and upper body. Resistance can be increased incrementally on the patient’s need.

These minimize overcompensation and strain. The VariGrip allows the patient to progress steadily between resistance levels.

The Sport Pro is great for beginners. With 5 different resistance levels, you can progress from light to heavy weight quickly!

The Sport Pro comes with a user guide that offers a wide range of workouts and programs designed to help you achieve your fitness goals.

The VariGrip Sports Pro is our most advanced hand and forearm exerciser. The patented adjustable resistance allows you to customize the conditioning of any exercise, creating a demanding workout that challenges your muscles to their limits.

VariGrip Sport is the only hand exerciser that has the patented ability to adjust the resistance level in each individual finger, allowing the athlete to create a custom program to build and improve circulation, endurance, strength, and dexterity more effectively for individual fingers, as well as the entire hand, wrist, and forearm

The VariGrip Sports Pro is a digital hand grip that lets you exercise comfortably and safely at home, outdoors, or at the office. You can change the resistance level with a smooth and easy motion, allowing you to perform multiple exercises with different resistance levels in one session.

This was great hand therapy. You can also try other exercises such as Multi-Grip™ Exerciser.

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