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A physiotherapist sitting down and applying for the DOH exam
Prepare for the DOH Physiotherapy Exam with these easy steps

Congratulations! You have successfully finished your physiotherapy licensing exam in your home country. But now, you’re thinking about applying for another one, in a different country. In Particular, you have set your eyes on the UAE.

After a while, you have decided on the DOH Physiotherapy exam after looking into our previous article about it. You’re fully determined to continue, but you might still need a comprehensive step-by-step guide. If that’s the case, this article is for you.

How to Apply for the DOH Physiotherapy Exam Step by Step

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Below, you’ll see the same steps from our previous article, but we’ll guide you through each step.

Getting Your Documents Ready

a pair of hands leafing through a bluish-green file case
Get your papers scanned and ready!

Before getting into the main steps of applying for your DOH Physiotherapy Exam, be ready and scan all your requirements. They should be clear, so you won’t have any problem uploading them later. You’ll need the following paperwork to get started:

  1. Proof of Professional Registration
  • Professional License
  • Board Certificate
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  1. Transcript of Records
  2. Copy of Your Passport
  3. Passport-Size Photo
  4. Work Experience Certificate/s
  5. Authorization Letter
  6. CID Form

Acquiring a UAE Pass

a pair of hands holding a phone while on a desk
A UAE Pass is your starting point for your DOH Physiotherapy Exam application

A UAE Pass is like a valid digital ID you can use if you don’t have a UAE – Emirates ID. You’ll need the Emirates ID to fully verify your UAE pass account, but using its basic perks will let you access any DOH Digital Services. One of these services is using the TAMM website, which we’ll get to later.

To get the UAE pass, you’ll need:

  • The UAE Pass app
  • A valid UAE phone number
  • Your email address

Follow the steps below to acquire your own UAE Pass:

  1. Once you’ve downloaded the UAE Pass app , there’s a section on the terms and conditions. Click continue, and pick the option that says “I don’t have Emirates ID”.
  2. Next, give your personal information, with your phone number and email.
  3. After that, the site will tell you to verify your email and phone number. Enter in the app the OTP codes you’ll receive. 
  4. When you’re done, make a 4-digit PIN. Re-enter it too. 
  5. To upgrade your account, click on the continue button. You don’t have an Emirates ID yet, so your best option is the later button. You don’t need to pay anything since a UAE Pass won’t cost you anything.

Generating Your Unique Identification Number (UIN)

The TAMM website (tamm means “comprehensive” in Arabic) is where you’ll find a variety of Abu Dhabi information and services. It includes DOH services, like registering for medical exams and getting your own UIN.

Your Unique Identification Number (or UIN) is for the next step of your application, which is the DataFlow process. To get your UIN, do the next steps:

  1. Use the TAMM website and go to the square icon in the top left corner of the website. 
  2. Use your UAE pass to sign in, and register as a new user if it’s your first time. Since you used your UAE pass, your details will be filled in for you. You still need to check them, just in case.
  3. Fill in your phone number after, along with your user type “to apply for a new DOH license”. 
  4. Next, click on the register button to submit your application for review. You’ll be notified through your phone and email about the progress and approval of your application. Your UIN will be in your email.

Starting Your Dataflow PSV

Documents being handed to another person at the other side of a desk
Get your papers ready for the DataFlow PSV

DataFlow Group is a prominent company, specializing in PSV (Primary Source Verification). Because of how thorough they are, the process might take a while to finish. Prepare to wait anywhere from 20 working days to 3 months. As for the cost, expect to pay AED 300 to 1,300.

For your DataFlow PSV you’re required to do the following:

  1. Go to the DOH DataFlow Portal. Register as a new user, and start as a new applicant. 
  2. Put in and confirm your email ID. 
  3. There will be a disclaimer by this point, so click on agree. 
  4. After that, use the register button. By this time, your email will have your complete login details from DataFlow. 
  5. Try to log in with these details to change your password.
  6. With your new password, log in and click on Continue to the applicant policy. It will lead you to the DOH DataFlow portal dashboard. 
  7. On your dashboard, click the add new case button to start your DataFlow application. 
  8. In the drop-down menu, pick the new application package. 
  9. For the following fields, put in all the appropriate information and tick the Fresh option under Case type, and so on. Keep in mind, check everything here. If you make a mistake, you can’t redo it or remove the case yourself. You’ll end up reporting it as an incorrect case and start again. Then, pick your DataFlow service plan, and save. 
  10. When you get to the personal information tab, it should be the same as your DOH User Management System. There are going to be a lot of steps here because this will be the bulk of your Primary Source Verification. 
  • You’ll upload or type in your passport, education, health license, and employment details, including your certificate/s of good standing.
  • For the section regarding additional component details, you can leave them blank if it doesn’t apply to you. This section requires your training and examination certificates, and the information for your internships, residency training, and CME Education
  • There will be two forms that you need to fill in yourself before uploading them back on the site. These are the Letter of Authorization and the CID form. 
  1. You can change some of your details with the previous button. 
  2. Otherwise, ready your appropriate credit card to pay, and tick the boxes indicating your understanding that the application will be done and paid for online. 
  3. Save everything and click on next. 
  4. If there’s going to be a prompt to update your DataFlow processing type, choose accordingly. 
  5. The DataFlow payment page will appear. Confirm your account and go on with making your payment. Pick your preferred payment method, and pay the fee. 
  6. You’ll receive your receipt when your payment has been successful. To check the status of your DataFlow, access this site
  7. Moreover, you’ll receive your DataFlow reference number in your email when it has been reviewed.

Completing the Credentialing Process

a physiotherapist getting ready to apply for their credentialing process online
Apply to get your credentials processed for you

The credentialing process will help you see if you are eligible for the category you applied for. In this case, that’ll be as a Physiotherapist under Allied Healthcare. It’ll look through your data and paperwork. 

It’s preferred that you do this step after you get your verified DataFlow PSV report. With that being said, continue your credentialing process by:

  1. Click the new request button and add yourself to a new service once you log into your DOH UMS dashboard. 
  2. With your DataFlow case number, link your application by doing the following:
  • When clicking on the new request button, it will give you the option to link case to DataFlow. Choose that option.
  • Put in your DataFlow case number, DataFlow email ID, and contact email ID.
  • Submit your request by clicking on the continue button. It might take up to 24 hours to successfully link up your DataFlow with your DOH account.
  1. When both are linked up, pick the option of professional registration/re-registration. 
  2. In this part, type in and upload the necessary information and paperwork. 
  3. You’ll pay for the application fees once you’re finished. It’ll be about AED 100.
  4. Your application is done when there is a complete status on your dashboard.

Constructing Your Etarasol

A code being shown on a screen of a phone
An Etarasol is more than a barcode for your DOH Exam

An Etarasol barcode, through the Etarasol website, is necessary to finish your DOH registration. Do the first step to access the website:

  1. Add the website to your Internet Explorer’s compatibility settings. 
  2. When the site is ready, you can see that you need to fill in a couple of fields, including your UID. UID, or unified number, is different from your UIN. It’s a 9-digit number someone assigned to you once you enter the UAE. It’s on your resident VIsa or tourist Visa if you have it. If you don’t have it yet, you have the option of putting 1 nine times in a row. 
  3. For the remaining information, you need to put them in both English as well as Arabic. Google Translate is the tool you can use. Click next after that. 
  4. Fill in the rest of the information, and click next again. 
  5. The address section of this process asks you to put in your information if you live outside the UAE but are currently in the UAE. If you’re outside the UAE now, skip this section and click next. 
  6. Type in your passport details, and click next again. 
  7. Following that, there’s a section regarding a friend or family member living in the UAE that can be your sponsor. You can also skip this if you presently don’t have any. 
  8. Finally, there’s a section that asks you to put in your degree and past work details. 
  9. There will be a summary page for you to review your details. If you need to change any of the information, click on the previous button. 
  10. When you’re satisfied, click the print button. It will print out your Etarasol barcode sheet.

Arranging Your Exam Schedule

a pen on an open calendar page
Schedule the time and date that works best for you

Scheduling your DOH physiotherapy exam date will come right after you receive your completed PSV verification and DOH credentialing. You’ll receive an authorization letter from Pearson Vue through your email when your DataFlow PSV is finished. Use the email for the following:

  1. Once you have the Pearson Vue email, pay your exam fee through your TAMM account. Generally, the fee for Pearson Vue is $94.59. 
  2. When it is fully processed, you can now use the password and username for Pearson Vue. 
  3. Here on the website, you’ll pick the location, time, and date. For the address of the test centers near you, go through the website for additional guidance.

Don’t forget to review and practice with related materials like mock boards or even with your friends. This exam might not be the same as your licensure examination before, so do your research and find other reviewers to help you along.

Knowing the Basics of the Test

A physiotherapist at a library, sitting at a table with their jacket behind them
Learn about the DOH Physiotherapy Exam while you review

The DOH exam for physiotherapists will be a computer-based test or CBT. The test will have around 100 MCQs or multiple-choice questions. A test taker will have plenty of time for each question with the exam’s 2 ½ hour time limit. 

During the waiting period, take into account what you need to bring to the testing center versus what you shouldn’t bring to the testing room. For one, you’ll need two acceptable IDs because you won’t be able to take the physiotherapy exam without them. 

Acceptable IDs, all government-issued, include the following 

  • Passport
  • Driver’s License
  • Alien Registration cards, like a Visa or a green card
  • Military ID
  • Local Language ID 

As for the things you shouldn’t bring to the testing room, mostly personal items, here’s a rundown of them: 

  • Review materials, such as notes and books
  • Writing implements such as pens and pencils
  • Bags and purses
  • Coats and hats
  • Watches and wallets
  • Medications
  • Food and drinks
  • Electronic devices, such as cell phones, pagers, and PDAs

For any of the above personal items you did bring to the testing center, you’ll be asked to store them in a locker. Personnel will assign a locker to each one of the test takers.

Taking the CBT Assessment

a physiotherapist using thing their computer for the DOH exam while sitting down at a desk
You won’t need pen nor paper while taking your DOH Physiotherapy Exam

The day of your DOH Physiotherapy Exam has come. There’s still some procedure that you need to follow. You’ll start with: 

  1. At the front desk, where you must check in. The staff will verify your ID and appointment time. There’s a chance that they’ll take a picture of you and your signature. 
  2. The present staff will give you a copy of the Professional Examination Rules. It contains some terms and conditions. Duly read and sign it. 
  3. When that’s settled, your designated locker and key will be ready. All your belongings will be safe. Keep your ID with you at all times.
  4. If they’re available, there will be some other additional tools that the staff can offer you. These are a calculator and/or an erasable note board with a pen. The calculator could be on-screen or handheld. It depends on your preference and availability.
  5. There’s a test center log you need to sign. Next, you’ll either be asked to wait in a reception area or be escorted to the testing room already. Your assigned testing station will be waiting for you.
  6. There will be a short tutorial presentation. It’ll be about how to answer the exam using their system. 
  7. The test administrator/s will help you log in. They’ll need to confirm the test to avoid any confusion. You can start when everything’s set. An NDA (Nondisclosure/Confidentiality Agreement) will be presented on your screen. Again, read and sign.
  8. During the test, you can take breaks, but the time won’t stop. If you need to go outside the testing room at any time, present your ID to the administrator. There will also be a log or a scan of your fingerprint. Show your ID again when you come back. 
  9. When the exam is done, you’ll be accompanied out to the reception area for checkout after the test. 

Expecting Your Test Results

a person holding papers in their hands while standing
Your DOH Physiotherapy Test results will be available before you know it

After taking the DOH Physiotherapy Exam, you might get anxious with all the waiting again. It’ll take around 3 to 5 days for the results to be out. You’ll get a notification on your DOH account. It will indicate two things: a pass or a fail. 

Retakes are possible as well. If you’ve failed the first time, you can take the exam up to 3 times. When getting a retake, you need to go through another application with DataFlow. 

In Conclusion

Making your application for the DOH Physiotherapy Exam does look daunting. You have to go through several stages just to get your documents verified. Though, with this all-inclusive guide, you won’t have any trouble. 

With all your preparations, remember that you are a capable physiotherapist. Go through each step with the knowledge that you’ll be helping more people, including yourself, once you pass that test.

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