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Epsom salt is strewn over a a grey marble-like counter
There are so many more easy you can use your trusty Epsom salt

Epsom salt is not your regular table salt because it’s so much more than that. It can ease your aches and pains. It can even relieve constipation. Though, did you know it can also work as an insecticide or even an exfoliant? Epsom salts can go beyond just an addition to your shower.

In the previous articles, you learned what it is and what it does in your bath. In this article, we’ll show you so many other ways you can utilise this versatile material. Here are 30 more ways you can use Epsom salt.

The 30 Ways to Use Epsom Salt

For the Garden

1. Ward off Pesky Insects

Two people spraying an Epsom salt solution all over the plants in a big greenhouse
Did you know that Epsom salt can be used an an all-natural pesticide

Ever get tired of pests around your lovely daffodils? How about when they keep eating your crops? Some of the leading pesticides can be quite harmful to your plants and their surrounding soil. Fellow gardeners use a solution of water with Epsom salt to safely keep the bugs away.

2. Brighten Your Yard

A grass lawn is being sprayed with a solution of Epsom salt and water with a hose
The grass is always greener with a little Epsom salt

Keeping things natural is possibly the best way to maintain any lawn. You wanna make your grass and plants greener? Use magnesium and sulfur, which are both present in organic Epsom salt. If your foliage is wilting or getting yellow, scatter some of it on the soil for them.

3. Fertilize Your Plants

A person is sprinkling the plants in their garden with Epsom salt
All you need to make your plants happy and healthy is a dash of Epsom salt

Plants need certain nutrients to strive in any environment. Help make nutrient-dense soil by adding a sprinkle of Epsom salt once a week The magnesium in the it also boosts the other nutrients they need from the soil, like potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus.

4. Avoid Transport Shock

A person is transferring a plant from their pot to another bigger one with the help of Epsom salt
Epsom salt will help your plants in their new homes

Moving a plant from one vessel or place to the next might disturb your plant’s growth. It may lead to transport shock, stressing the plant because of the new environment. Bath salts can counteract the damage by improving chlorophyll production, giving it the extra fuel it needs.

5. Aid Seed Germination

A tray of saplings is in view, with the tray full of nourishing sprouts in soil and Epsom salt
Epsom salt lets your plants grow from seed to sprout

Seedlings need all the help they can have to keep them strong during the first few days of life. Encourage seed growth by adding some Epsom salt in the mix. The sulfur enriches the soil while the magnesium toughens the seeds’ cell walls. Either mix it in the soil or spray a solution.

6. Yield Better Produce

A row of colorful peppers and ripe tomatoes are on the edge of a garden box. with the box full of other plants and some brickwork underneath on the floor
Pick the juiciest fruits and vegetables with a little help from Epsom salt

The added support from bath salts provides elevated chlorophyll levels. In turn, the plants get enough for proper photosynthesis to happen. This means, not only are your plants getting stronger, they can grow the best fruits and vegetables they can offer. Get ready for the juiciest tomatoes next harvest season.

For the House

7. Clear Out Washing Machine Build-up

A person is putting in some Epsom salt their washing machine to wash it in a cycle
Add some Epsom salt to make your washing machine last longer

Your washing machine is such a handy appliance to have in the house. It cleans your laundry, but it also needs a little cleaning from time to time. To remove any build-up from your previous washes, cycle in a cup of Epsom salt and some white vinegar. The machine will be well-maintained.

8. Use as a Handwash

A person has their hands under a faucet of running water after washing with an Epsom salt handwash
Another cost-effective way to clean your hands is with Epsom salt

If you want an inexpensive way to properly clean your hands, here’s what you have to do. For this handwash, you’ll also need some baby oil. Mix equal amounts of Epsom salt and baby oil. Store your new moisturising handwash near your sink for easy access

9. Prevent Roaming Slugs

A slug is sliding over a piece of paper on the rug, avoiding the Epsom salt on the floor
You can get rid of those troublesome slugs with your Epsom salt

Spring and fall might be your favourite seasons. Unfortunately, so do slugs. When these pesky things decide to go inside your house, Epsom salt is here to the rescue. Simply lay down some of the salt by your doors and windows or use a solution to spray over the slugs.

10. Scrub Grout and Tiles

A person is scrubbing their tiles on the floor with some Epsom salt and a scrub brush while wearing an orange rubber glove
Rubbing some Epsom salt will make your tiles shine

Having some trouble with that stain on your bathroom wall or window? Get your stash of dish soap and bath salts. Apply the mixture on the tiles and the grout in between them. Soaking them for a few minutes and scrubbing away will get any of that grime out in no time.

11. Clean Pans and Pots

A pot of Epsom salt and water is on a stove while a sponge and a canister of Epsom salt is at the side
Get your pots and pans spotless again with the magic of Epsom salt

Stop scrubbing on your pots and pans so hard. The food stuck on them is going to need more than just some elbow grease. Put a handful of Epsom salt on any part of your cookware that needs that extra care. The salt is coarse enough to get any of the food out for you.

For Beauty Purposes

12. Give Volume to Your Hair

A lady is putting her hand in their hand in front of a tan background
Boost your hair by combining Epsom salt to your conditioner

Flat hair won’t be a problem anymore. You’ll need more than just your regular hair care routine. Whenever your hair needs a little bounce, mix the same amount of Epsom salt with your conditioner. In a pan, heat the mixture a bit. Massage it in your hair and let it sit for around 20 minutes before rinsing it out.

13. Deodorize Your Feet

A lady is closing their nose when they removed their sock, getting a whiff of her own feet
No more stinky feet if you use Epsom salt

Are your feet starting to stink? It’s time to soak your tootsies in some bath salts. Pour enough warm water into a basin to cover your feet. Dissolve your half a cup of the salt in the water. After soaking your feet for 10 minutes, you’re good to go.

14. Uproot Stubborn Blackheads

A person is putting on a solution of Epsom salt on their chin with a small cloth
With Epsom salt, kiss your blackheads goodbye

Blackheads are a nightmare to have and to remove. Instead of trying to squeeze them out with your fingers, make this solution for it. With half a cup of hot water, stir in a teaspoon of Epsom salt and maybe four drops of iodine. When the mixture is cool enough for you, put it on where you need it. Once it’s completely dry, clean it with warm water after.

15. Treat Your Acne

A young woman is massaging their face cleanser with some Epsom salt in front of a grey background
No more acne of any kind with Epsom salt in your everyday cleanser

Moreover, bath salts can be used as a face wash as well. It’s a rather effective way to clear your acne in just a pinch. With your regular face cream or cleanser, mix in some of the salt. Half a teaspoon should be enough. Clean your face as usual. After, use cold water to rinse the mixed cleanser.

16. Exfoliate Dead Tissue

A person is scrubbing on an Epsom salt exfoliant on their legs by the side of their bathtub in their bathroom
Keep your skin soft and clean with this Epsom salt exfoliating scrub

Some expensive skin care like luxury exfoliants can be a bit expensive. Make a low-cost version right at home. You can use Epsom salt as is to exfoliate your skin. For a more indulgent take, combine enough of the salts with olive oil. Rub all over your wet skin. Don’t forget to rinse off.

17. Apply as a Face Mask

A man is putting on an Epsom salt face mask at home in front of a light brown background
Make your own moisturising face mask right at home with Epsom salt

Another face care product you can make at home is your facial mask. Rather than adding the salt to another mask, make use of avocados. It’s a great base for a moisturising face mask. Mash some Epsom salt in a ripe avocado. Spread the mask on your face. Wait 20-30 minutes before washing it out with warm water.

18. Clear Away the Hairspray

A woman is spraying hairspray all over her long hair in front of a yellow background
With Epsom salt, dissolve that stubborn hairspray out of your hair

Unlike the previous beauty tips, you can prep this solution a day in advance. Prepare a gallon of water. You’ll need a cup of bath salts and some lemon juice. Put the solution aside and wait 24 hours before using it on your hair. Pour it into your dry hair, let it sit for 20 minutes, then shampoo.

For Health Purposes

19. Help Expel Splinters

A person is trying to remove a splinter in a child's hand, holding it while rubbing a cotton ball on it
Soaking with Epsom salt will remove any kind of splinter

Trying to pick out a splinter can be painful. Don’t damage your skin any further. Make a soaking solution with warm water and 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt. The pressure from the solution will push the splinter closer to the surface. You can either pop it out with no problem, or it can do it by itself.

20. Treat Bug Bites

A person is raising their yellow shirt, showing a back full of bug bites
Epsom salt will hold bug bites at bay

Irritating bug bites might as well disappear on their own with this solution. Half a cup of warm water should be enough per half a cup of Epsom salt. Either as a compress or as a spray, place or spray it on the bite itself. It’ll stop itching after a few minutes.

21. Alleviate Cold and Flu Symptoms

A lady is on her side while laying down in bed, with a tissue on her nose and a blanket on her legs
Draw a soothing Epsom salt bath to clear away your cold

Having the flu is never a pleasant ride. Be kind to yourself by drawing a warm Epsom salt bath. A bath like this does more than just clean you off. The presence of bath salts can relax your body and help encourage your immune system to fight off the virus.

22. Cure Poison Ivy

A person is showing their case of poison ivy on their forearm while they're outside
Ease your poison ivy with a cold Epsom salt compress

This compress will work best when you have poison ivy on your skin. This time, use cold water. Use 2 tablespoons of the bath salts per 1 cup of water. Submerge the cloth in the solution. Draw as much of the water out of the cloth as possible. When ready, wrap the cloth on the affected area.

23. Dress Sunburns

A woman is showing the sunburn on her back with even the marks left from her top
Calm that burning sunburn using a homemade Epsom salt spray

Being a good anti-inflammatory, Epsom salt works wonders on sunburns. Get your spray bottle ready. Dissolve 2 tablespoons of the salts in 1 cup of water. Shake it in the bottle to make sure. Spray away, and feel relief soon after.

24. Get Rid of Toenail Fungus

A person is putting in some Epsom salt in the basin of water where their feet are already submerged in
Use Epsom salt to eliminate your toenail fungus

The fungi on your feet can be very unpleasant to have. Toenail fungus is even more difficult to get rid of. Fret no more, since bath salts can do that for you. The 1-2 cups of the salt, along with the apple cider vinegar, dries out the infection. It kills the spores, leaving you fungi-free.

25. Relieve Bruises and Sprains

A young person is adjusting their sprained ankle and lower leg, which is already wrapped in a cast
An Epsom salt compress is always a good idea on a sprain or a bruise

Whether as a bath or a compress, Epsom salt will reduce any swelling, including bruises and bumps. If you want a warm bath to soak into, add around 2 cups of the salt to the mix. It will greatly cut down any soreness or pain you feel. For faster relief, the instant hot packs available on our website have Epsom salt in them for this purpose. 

26. Lessen Gout Pain

A person is sitting on the side of their bed while holding onto their aching joints
Comfort your aching joints with a simple Epsom salt soak

Got gout? Fear not, for simple bath salts will relieve any discomfort. As you might have expected, you’ll need a basin or bucket for this. Hot water, warm enough for you to handle, works best. Mix in 2-3 tablespoons of the salt. Soak your joints or feet for 30 minutes at a time.

27. Soothe Athlete’s Foot

A person is having an Epsom salt foot soak, putting their feet in a basin on the wooden floor
Epsom salt will make the foot pain melt away

A good Epsom salt foot bath helps ease athlete’s foot as well. Fill a basin with water, just enough to submerge both of your feet. Hot or warm water with half a cup of the salt is your solution for your burning feet.

28. Get Yourself a Good Night’s Sleep

A lady is already falling asleep while taking her Epsom salt bath
After a hard day’s work, an Epsom salt bath will get you snoozing

You need magnesium in your system. When you have enough, your serotonin levels soar. It improves your overall mood and helps you sleep better. A nice warm bath with Epsom salt will do the trick. Get the right temperature for optimal relaxation, not too cold or too hot.

For Fun

29. Create New Crafts and Decorations

A person is making a painting of flowers using Epsom salt and coloured water on paper on a wooden table
Let your creativity run wild with a little Epsom salt

Epsom salt is a relatively safe substance. So much so that you can incorporate the salts as is in any easy craft. Add food colouring to make DIY coloured sand for the kids. Use the crystals for paintings and easy wall decorations. With a little glitter and glue, the possibilities are endless.

30. Make Cool Science Experiments

A person is mixing in a spoonful of Epsom salt in a glass of water on a wooden table while there's a canister of Epsom salt and a plant in the background
Experiment with Epsom salt, for fun and for science

With a little Epsom salt, turn your everyday objects into amazing projects at home. Amaze anybody in the room with a little show. All you need is some hot water, bath salts, and a few drops of food colouring. You can make your own fast-growing salt crystals.

In Conclusion

In any part of your house or your life, Epsom salts can make things a little easier for you. Let’s start things off in your garden. It will ward off those tedious pests. It can easily brighten your yard, fertilizing your lawn and houseplants. Magnesium helps your plants grow better, even when they’re just seedlings. Transporting them is a breeze as well. 

For the inside of the house, bath salts can clean your tiles to your pans. Slugs would stay clear of your house when you use it. If you forgot to clear out your washing machine (again), a solution will do it for you. After all that cleaning, wash your hands with it too. 

Epsom salt can be a miracle for your acne and flat hair too. Exfoliate your skin and make a moisturising mask with a handful of that stuff. Get the hairspray out of your hair in a pinch. And then rejuvenate your tootsies with a soak. 

Any bite, burn, or scrape will be gone with just a 10-minute Epsom salt soak. It can even propel splinters out of your skin. A nice warm bath will help you heal faster from a cold and sleep better in the process. As for soreness in your feet, soak them in that magnesium goodness. 

You can also use bath salts for kid-friendly crafts and at-home science experiments. The possibilities are endless, as long as you keep an open mind, and a creative spirit. Be inventive. You might end up finding other new ways for yourself as well. 

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