Mambo Max Foam Hand Grip

AED 51.00

Mambo Max Foam Hand Grip is a small and practical device that is used to strengthen muscles of the hand, forearm, and shoulder, as well as to improve joint mobility. These sports aids are used to improve neuromuscular function after injury or to strengthen muscles. This device can also be used during rehabilitation and recovery from sports injuries.


The Mambo Max Foam Hand Grip means secure exercise.

The ergonomic design features a foam grip for comfort and soft, contoured edges for protection against blisters.

With an open-ended design that allows for easy access to the palm and fingers, this hand exerciser provides a secure way to strengthen your grip.

Use the grip in one of two ways.

Manually or use with an exercise machine. Manual Use: Use a towel or ball to assist in gripping the bar.

Attach it on a flat surface (like a wall) where you want to grip. Push your palm against the blue foam grip, and move your arm in a circular motion for 30 seconds at least once per day.

Exercise Machine Use: Simply place Mambo Max Foam Hand Grip over the handle of any exercise machine to strengthen your grip strength and build muscle tone in your hands and forearms.

The foam texture is good for your overall grip.

The Mambo Max Foam Hand Grip uses a special foam texture that gives you the ultimate comfort and control.

The foam can be cut to different sizes depending on your hand size or grip strength.

It acts as an extra layer cushion around your hands, which helps with wrist pain that could be caused by high-intensity workouts.

Improve your hand strength.

Improve your hand strength with the Mambo Max Foam Hand Grip.

This product works great for kettlebells, dumbbells, and other hand-weight exercises.

The foam material grips better than traditional rubber handles, helping you to feel stronger and more confident in your workouts.

Take it to the office or just use it at home, the Mambo Foam Handgrip can be used anywhere.

Designed to make your everyday life easier, it’s small and lightweight, so it’s perfect for travel. The ergonomic design allows you to comfortably shake hands, hang out by the pool, and more.

Plus, it helps you to perform everyday tasks with a strong grip that you can depend on.

You can also try Mambo Max Adjustable Hand Grip.


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