Power-Web Flex-Grip


Power-Web Flex-Grip is a hand exerciser that is versatile because of its ability to increase strength, dexterity, and flexibility in users’ hands, fingers, and wrists in a multitude of different ways.


Are you looking for a hand exerciser? Power-web Flex-grip is the answer, power your hands and improve flexibility with this simple and easy-to-use tool!

With its ergonomic design, it will fit in most people’s hands, making it easy and comfortable to use.

Power-Web Flex-Grip is ideal for use on your hands, feet, and knees.

The Athletes Choice Power-Web Flex-Grip provides maximum comfort and stability while protecting the skin from blisters, calluses, and abrasions.

The Power-Web Flex Grip’s flexibility conforms to all body parts that you want to protect during any activity. This is the same revolutionary material used by hundreds of pros worldwide!

The Power-Web Flex-Grip is a unique exerciser that melts into your palm and provides the ability to work dexterity, extension, and strengthening in your hands, fingers, and thumbs.

It helps improve coordination, motor control, and strength in your hands by teaching you how to grab objects with less force.

Power-web Flex-grip is a dynamic resistance exercise band with a comfortable, ergonomic design and superior resistance.

The unique braided construction extends the life of your bands by distributing wear over the entire length of the strap, while also reducing the amount of rubber needed.

The handles are textured for a firm grip, even when you sweat.

The Power-web Flex-grip is available in three different resistances: light for beginner exercises, medium for intermediate workouts, and heavy for advanced movements.

Flex-Grip is a unique and innovative finger strengthening tool. The patented design allows the user to use their own leverage and control, providing a full spectrum of exercises without resistance.

Flex-Grip increases strength and dexterity in the hand and fingers while simultaneously increasing overall flexibility, muscle tone, balance, and coordination.

This is great to be paired with Digi-Extend.

The Power-web Flex-grip is a latex-free bandage that is easy to use and provides better protection against friction than traditional elastic bandages. The design has a textured surface that enhances grip, allowing for greater flexibility and freedom of movement.

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Yellow-Light, Red-Medium, Green-Heavy

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