Power-Web Senior

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Power-Web Senior are used for rehabilitation, and strong resistances to improve special skills in athletes.  It is patented design enables you to carry out a wide variety of different exercises to be performed with comfort and effectiveness. The high-quality rubber material is reinforced with special agents to ensure it lasts for years.


Power-Web Senior is ideal for those looking to build grip strength while exercising their forearms.

There are two lower pulley exercisers, two middle pulley exercisers, and two top pulley exercises in each set.

The Power-Web Senior is a lightweight, durable-sided resistive hand exerciser that can be used by people with arthritis or daily for good hand/wrist health.

It exercises fingers and hands, strengthens wrists and arms, builds finger and thumb strength, improves hand coordination, and increases grip strength.

Power-Web Senior is a bigger version of the original Power-web.

The Power-Web Senior is half the weight and ideal for children who need to build upper body strength for school sports, piano practice, and more.

Made of durable plastic, it features a textured grip and includes exercise instructions.

The Power-Web Senior has all the same features and benefits of our larger product. It’s a good choice for wrist exercises.

We are a small medical device company and would like to introduce our first product, a hand exerciser that can be used to improve fine motor control, coordination, strength, speed, and endurance.

Use the Power-Web Senior Junior to develop stronger and better-looking hands by doing fingertip control exercises.

I can provide you with instructions and information about this product simply by clicking here.

If you want to start with a smaller one, try this Power-Web Junior.

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Color Resistances

Tan-Ultra Light, Yellow-Light, Red-Medium, Green-Heavy, Blue-Super Heavy, Black-Ultra Heavy

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