Dynatomy Varigrip Uno

AED 210.00

Dynatomy Varigrip Uno provides customized resistance for both flexion and extension of the thumb or any individual finger, thus improving strength, endurance, circulation, and range of motion more effectively.


The Dynatomy Varigrip Uno is the only thumb/individual finger exerciser with adjustable resistance for both flexion and extension. It provides a multitude of exercises to help strengthen your wrist, hand, and fingers.

This is an excellent device for those who have carpal tunnel syndrome as well as post-traumatic arthritis or other hand injuries. It is also appropriate for therapy after surgery.

The Dynatomy Varigrip Uno is designed to provide optimal wrist and hand support. It offers extra support with stabilization points that aid in the prevention of hand fatigue, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and other repetitive strain injuries. With its ergonomic design, this splint reduces pain and improves overall performance.

Dynatomy Varigrip Uno provides a complete movement and recovery therapy system that helps patients recover from shoulder injuries, hand & wrist pain, upper back pain, and more.

It is built with 6 progressive levels of resistance and has a large range of motion, making it ideal for any age or fitness level. The system adjusts resistance automatically as you increase your movement, while it tracks your progression to better track your progress.

For the convenience of home use, Dynatomy also offers a timer so you can set sessions based on duration or repetitions.

Dynatomy Varigrip Uno (Orthotic Hand Exerciser) is a wonderful device that gives you the perfect opportunity to hold and grip everyday objects in a functional manner, as well as achieve improvements in hand skills such as pinching, grasping, holding, and turning!

You will begin to notice improved strength, dexterity, endurance, and range of motion. It can be used by people with arthritis (and other conditions affecting hand function). Use it continuously for increased results!

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