MoVeS Flex-ion

MoVeS Flex-ion has four compressed pads under each of the fingers, so that the stronger fingers cannot do the work for the weaker ones. Since each finger is trained individually, this means faster and more accurate rehabilitation.

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The spring-loaded buttons of the MoVeS Flex-Ion isolate each digit, so the strong fingers cannot compensate for the weaker ones.

This increases accuracy and reduces fatigue while working at a computer or with technical equipment.

You can keep your hands, elbows, and shoulders in their natural position to maintain good posture while typing or using your mouse or trackball.

The MoVeS Flex-ion is a modular, mobile, and intelligent knee rehab machine. By allowing the patient to exercise at their own pace, progress is pain-free and supported by a knowledgeable therapist.

This results in a better, faster, and easier-to-control rehab process – improving recovery outcomes for many different conditions.

Get your workouts done in the comfort of your own home with MoVeS Flex-Ion.

This versatile machine offers 3 levels of resistance, as well as multiple adjustable settings.

So whether you want to tone, strengthen or rehabilitate, you can do so with this handy piece of equipment that encourages active recovery through controlled movement and stretches.

MoVeS Flex-ion is a gradual resistance, high-quality, resistance band for all types of exercise. Great for everything from balance to strength training, it can be used anywhere and at any time.

A comfortable and sturdy base is at the heart of the MoVeS Flexion, providing stability and support for even the most active walkers.

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You can also try MoVeS Shoulder Tube Pulley as a pain relief usually if you do have back pain.

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