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MoVeS Tube provides a multitude of resistance training options for you to amplify your workouts. Simple and efficient, this interchangeable tubing system allows you to gradually increase your strength while you train at home or on the go.

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MoVeS Tube is a premium quality latex resistive exercise tube. This tube uses a patented construction process to create a perfect, seamless tube that both moves and stays put when you stretch it. A perfect exercise partner for all your fitness activities, especially at the gym or at home. This exercise tube is light in weight, easy to carry, and less bulky than standard exercise or resistance bands.

MoVeS Tube latex exercise tube is made from exclusive high-density latex that provides an ideal, yet gentle, resistance and maximum durability. MoVeS Tube is a great way to tone your muscles, increase flexibility, and improve balance and posture.

Place the tube between your knees to work your thighs and hips; wrap one end around your wrist for elbow strengthening or wrap both ends around your feet for leg muscle development.

MoVeS Tube is a tool that is used to exercise the muscles of the arms, legs, and both sides of your core. The MoVeS Tube provides positive as well as a negative force on the muscles, thereby engaging them in full movement as opposed to just isolating one side at a time.

MoVeS Tube is a great way to improve the range of motion, strength, and cooperation of muscle groups. It combines a unique design with a terrific performance to keep you moving in the right direction!

Witness how great we have this kind of tool for exercising. If you want to know more especially in using this tube, let me provide you with a piece of additional information by directly clicking more.

In doing exercise with this MoVeS Tube, together we can also have the VariGrip Sports Pro as our hand and finger muscles exerciser.

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