MoVeS Ring Tube

MoVeS Ring Tube has intensive training for each muscular group. Ideal for exercises of the stomach, bottom, hips, and legs. The center of the MoVeS Ring Tube offers lots of possibilities for short and long pull exercises. Perfect for intensive training of the individual muscles. Efficient for all muscles of the upper- and lower body.

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MoVeS Ring Tube is our latest addition of training equipment.

Its unique design allows for intensive training of isolated muscles with only three simple movements: bending, twisting, and pinching.

Positioning yourself in your preferred position around the ring you can choose between a simple bend or an inverted one.

This way you can train your muscles in all directions, giving a perfectly balanced workout that will bring visible results even faster.

The MoVeS Ring Tube is a unique, weight-bearing exercise device that trains muscles efficiently for all parts of the body.

By working against gravity, the MoVeS Ring Tube improves muscle strength faster than any other fitness machine when used with free weight training.

The center of the MoVeS 8-Ring Tube offers lots of possibilities for short and long pull exercises. From simple arm curls and upright rows to the lateral raise, biceps curl, and triceps extension. You can explore all angles of motion on this tube to develop your chest and shoulder muscles.

The MoVes Ring Tube is ideal for the abdominal, bottom, hip, and leg exercises. The retractable ring tube adds resistance to your workout and helps increase flexibility. The adjustable strap fits most users, and cable attachment allows for easy installation.

The MoVeS Ring Tube is a piece of smooth-rolling and durable exercise equipment that allows you to perform isolated muscle exercises. The MoVeS Ring Tube can be used to train every single muscle in your body as it helps you isolate any group of muscles. With the MoVeS Ring Tube, you get intensive training for each muscular group.

You can also try other tools for resistive exercises such as MoVeS Twisting Bar.

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