MoVeS Twisting Bar

MoVeS Bar is a very effective product. It allows much more than twisting and bending exercises. Flexion, extension, adduction, and abduction exercises are all possible. In addition, the MoVeS Bar even allows soft tissue mobilization.

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The MoVeS Bar is a strong and comfortable bar specially designed to relieve hand, forearm, and shoulder pain from the overuse of the weight room. The MoVeS Bar increases stability by focusing on muscles that are under-developed in routines such as bench press and biceps lifts.

Protect your elbow from further injury! The MoVeS Bar is the ideal product to treat and resolve golfers and tennis elbows. This simple, effective tool provides relief for inflamed tendons and muscles.

MoVeS Bar is an effective product developed to focus on hand, arm, and shoulder problems. By combining the natural movement of yoga with simple stretching exercises and modern technology, MoVeS Bar allows you to improve mobility and flexibility while reducing the risk of injury.

MoVeS Bar is an innovative design of exercise equipment that is based on the concept of structural exercises. The device allows flexion and extension exercises, which are at the core of improved performance. Aids in recovery from sprains and muscle injuries, as well as preventing them from reoccurring.

The MoVeS Bar is a multipurpose tool that helps you improve the strength and range of motion of your shoulders and hips while decreasing the chance of injuries. The MoVeS Bar has a solid core to provide balance and control during exercises.

You can use it for adduction and abduction exercises, soft tissue mobilization (which is great for stretching out sore muscles), or even use it for more advanced movements such as med ball tosses, kettlebell swings, and other multi-planar movements requiring good stability in the hips or shoulders.

MoVeS Bar is a new fitness routine in the world of yoga. MoVeS was developed to increase flexibility, strength, and range of motion through carefully designed sequences of stretching and strengthening movements.

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