MoVeS Ankleciser

MoVeS Ankleciser is a great ankle exerciser, complying with all the rigorous quality standards “MVS In Motion” demands of its MoVeS brand products. It’s as easy to use as it is effective. The feet slip comfortably into the latex-free elastic band which consists of two stitched loops.

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MoVeS Ankleciser is a great ankle exerciser. It helps with any pain, swelling, and stiffness in your ankles – whether from age, overuse, or injury. Helps to loosen stiff joints with gentle movement and improves circulation in the foot. Made from medical-grade materials, it allows airflow to keep feet cool when exercising.

MoVeS Anklecisers is a patented and versatile product designed to relieve stress on your ankles, knees, and hips. MoVeS Anklecisers are made from the highest quality medical grade materials which comply with all the rigorous quality standards MVS In Motion demands of its MoVeS products.

The MoVeS Ankleciser is the ultimate comfort and health aid. Designed specifically to target your ankle and foot, it provides gentle pain relief whilst strengthening your ankles. You’ll feel the benefits after just a few uses!

The MoVeS Ankleciser is a physiotherapist-designed, latex-free, elastic band that consists of two stitched loops that hold your feet securely. This simple device makes exercise and rehabilitation for your legs easy and convenient.

The MoVeS Ankleciser is a progressive ankle brace that helps you work toward better balance and flexibility through exercises designed to strengthen core leg muscles. It features two levels of resistance, enabling you to choose the desired level to improve your stability and range of motion.

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