MoVeS Wrist Exerciser

MoVeS Wrist Exerciser is an adjustable forearm and wrist trainer. Because it allows the user to exercise with progressive resistance it is perfect for rehabilitation and muscle development.


MoVeS Wrist Exerciser is an adjustable forearm and wrist trainer with easy to use tension knob.

The patented Micro-Adjust feature allows you to fine-tune the amount of resistance, making it great for everyone from beginners to athletes.

Lightweight and portable, MoVeS Wrist Exerciser fits in any bag or glove box so you can work out at home or when traveling, while watching TV, or reading a book.

MoVeS Wrist Exerciser is the perfect workout tool for all wrist and forearm exercises.

With comfortable neoprene hand grips, you can exercise with progressive resistance to meet your fitness goals.

Whether you are looking to rehabilitate an injury, or just want a little muscle development, MoVeS Wrist Exerciser will help you achieve your goals.

The MoVeS wrist exerciser helps you keep your hands moving freely and with the right amount of resistance to help prevent repetitive motion injuries.

It supports the wrist in the right position, aiding patients recovering from or preventing carpal tunnel syndrome and other common hand injuries.

Its ergonomic design fits either hand and works on either side.

The MoVeS Wrist Exerciser works your wrists by giving them a regular workout.

The MoVeS features an ergonomic design that allows you to use the device for comfort and a full range of motion.

The soft handgrip is adjustable to 4 positions, allowing you to work evenly on both sides of your wrist muscles.

The MoVeS Wrist Exerciser is the perfect tool to exercise your forearm, wrist, and hand.

It’s compact, portable, and lightweight making it easy to take wherever you go.

This ergonomic design features non-skid rubber grips that result in maximum comfort while exercising your wrist and forearm.

This product can also be great to be paired with MoVeS Squeeze Balls and Eggs.

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