Wooden Incline Board

AED 1,407.00

Wooden Incline Board is made out of natural birch wood and is very resistant. It is adjustable at 4 different angles (10°, 15°, 20°, and 25°). After using the MoVeS Wooden Incline board, it can easily be folded to achieve its compact form when not in use.


This Wooden Incline Board is made of high-quality wood and has a straight shape with no curved parts.

It can be easily folded and unfolded and weighs only 1.5KG, which is quite portable for traveling, excursions, or for use at home.

The board is designed to improve the general posture of people who are doing exercises or who have back pain from sitting too long at a desk or driving etc.

Are you looking for a great way to stretch your calf muscles? The Wooden Incline Board is the perfect product.

Its unique design allows you to prop your foot against the incline and stretch your calf muscles, which can help prevent injury when playing soccer, basketball or sports in general.

The Wooden Incline Board is designed to help you stretch the upper-leg muscles (Ischias).

The Wooden Incline Board will help you strengthen the muscles of your upper leg & lower back.

Once your muscles are stronger and more flexible, you may notice a decrease in pain.

The Wooden Incline Board is made of sturdy lumber, with a smooth, non-slip surface.

The Wooden Incline Board increases extension in the lower and upper back, bringing flexibility to the spine without pressure on your joints.

The height of this incline board is easily adjustable by moving the legs up or down.

Also in hand exercises, you can try Mambo Max Foam Hand Grip.

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